I extremely delighted to learn that the students of our college are organizing 2nd National Level Technical Symposium kenfest'10 on 24th september 2010 National Level Technical symposium kenfest10 on 24th september 2010 under the auspices of CASPRO assicuatuib if Master Of Computer Applications
                                                     Our students are committed to build a congenial atmosphere in which co-existence is essential to create an intellectual academic community.We will make the college a place to promote Oraganizing skills,freedom of thought,innovation and creativity which are essential for academic excellence.
                                                       The topics are carefully chosen to include the recent developments in engineering and technology,i am sure that this symposium will enthuse the participants to actively exchange their ideas on these diversified topics.MyCompliments are due to staffs and students for their enthusiasm in organizing this symposium


                                        SCT  which  equips our  graduates  for  their unpredictable and fast paced world is our goal, our aim is to give  you  skills and  knowledge. We  also  need a willingness  from  you  to  embarace  fresh ideas, to think  in  new  ways  and  to  respond creativity to the challenges you face.
                  Combined with the  high level  of  personal  and  educational support from our tutors and administrative  staff, your  study period  with  us will open  doors   of  career and personal opportunity to last you a life time.

We will  provide  you  with  all  the  facilities to smoothen  up  your efforts to achieve your ambitious goals

                     I  wish  you  all  the  success  in achieving the goal, you aspire and wishing you all a comfortable stay at our institute.


                                           The National Level Technical Symposium  being held at Selvam Colllege of Technology on 24th September 2010 with all objective of providing a  platform to share, discuss and to exchange the views in exciting themes.

It indeed gives me great pleasure to mention that the Symposium has been sponsored  by  some  organizations. It is  expected  that  the  student  community would  benefit  from  the technical symposium in learning and understanding the latest technology. 

                                             I wish the symposium all success. I wish  good  luck  and  extend my warm patronage to all those who have contributed their best to bring out the magazine virtue and in good shape. 

                                                           With Best Wishes  


                   As the head of the department of MCA, I am extremely happy to bring out this  message  for  the  souvenir  released  on  the  technical  symposium KenFest’10.  

               Technology,   teaching,  training  are  the  pillars  of  our   department, importing  the  latest  technical  knowledge  to the  student and  cultivating, nurturing  the  same  in  the right way  will make our students  competent  in the competitive world. KENFEST’10 offers a existing  platform  for the     students to exhibit the knowledge  they  possess  and  a  good change  to  develop  the same.  

                I congratulate  and  thank  all  the  students  and staff who have made tiring efforts to bring out of this souvenir and wish them all success.  




we are going to conduct the 2nd National Level Symposiums on 24th September by the Department of MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS.

  This is an Association of Master of Computer Applications of Selvam College of Technology. The students and the staff members of this department are joined together and formed this association. This association inaugural function is celebrated on 20th OCT 2008.

        Mrs.Kaviethra Nandhini, B.E., M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D., Secretary of SCT, felicitated the function by Lightening of Kuthuvilakku. Our department Asst.Prof.Mrs.M.Devi gave the welcome address and the Presidential address was given by our Principal Dr.S.Chenthur Pandian.,B.Sc.,LL.B.,M.E.,MISTE., MIE.,MIEEE.,

        The Memento was given by our secretary to the chief guest Mr.B.Manikandan Asst. consultant, TCS, Chennai. After the completion of this session a special speech was given by the Chief Guest about current trends on IT and now a day what the employers expect the factors from the employees.